Zizzo Maternity Session | Northwest Indiana + Chicagoland Maternity + Family Photographer

I’ve been lucky enough to photograph Niki twice during her pregnancies. She is such a stunning pregnant woman – Niki is due with number three (boy or a girl? We don’t know yet!) any day now. I thought I would share this beautiful session while we wait for her little one’s arrival!

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Fall Minis | Northwest Indiana + Chicagoland Natural Light Photographer

okay, friends. You asked for it. Since my full day of minis sold out so quickly, I have decided to add an evening of minis, just three spots available.

To reserve your time slot, email me at bethfletcherphotography@gmail.com.

The sessions will be held outdoors in Porter County. Location to be disclosed upon booking. Holiday Minis will be announced in early October! Full family sessions are still available through mid December but book soon…spots are filling up very quickly.

Now the details:

**two spots left**

5:25   5:45   6:05


Full payment is due upon booking. Up to six individuals per session. Gift certificates can not be used for mini sessions.


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Franklin – 7 days | Northwest Indiana + Chicagoland Newborn Photographer

Oh, Franklin.

You just look at him and fall completely in love with this guy. I mean, THAT HAIR.

those lips.

that nose.

the creamy skin.

Just so perfectly precious and squishy.

This was one of my Newborn Mini Sessions. We absolutely love newborn minis. In and out, piece of cake!

Newborn Mini – $375
15 images
1 hour


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Prints in your hands | Northwest Indiana + Chicagoland Natural Light Photographer

I tell this one particular story in my workshops about this one time when Anna and Noah were much younger, I was making dinner (or playing on my laptop. WHATEVER), when I realized things were awfully quiet…

As a Mom I knew this…only bad things come from silence.

I rushed around the house searching for these two, I couldn’t find them anywhere, I started to panic when, suddenly, I heard laughter. I ran into my bedroom, I found these two (adorable) toddlers on the other side of my bed, sitting on the floor, looking at photos.

It made me happy. It made them happy and they continued to remain there, quiet and happy, for quite some time.

Back then, I would sometimes print photos and since I don’t scrapbook or do anything fancy with my photos, I would just toss them into a photo box underneath my bed. Plain and simple.

However, since that happy little discovery in my bedroom, each year I find myself printing less and less…

and less.

Even as a photographer. It takes time! and money! and effort! Besides all of my photos are safely stored inside my computer where…

no one see them.

These beautiful, timeless, important images just sit there, day after day, just waiting to be seen.

I can remember spending hours upon hours looking through my Mom’s photo albums or photo albums that belonged to my grandma. It was mezmerizing and important. Now, if I want my kids to see photos I…

hand them my phone? Sit them down on my computer and walk away? WHAT IF THEY BREAK MY COMPUTER?!

So, they never get viewed.

IN FACT…if you were to ask me to show you photos from 2006, I wouldn’t even be able to tell you where they were. Some hard drive, somewhere.

So, I want to encourage you to print. Nothing fancy, 4×6′s, order 20 a month and throw them in a box and place them under your bed.

I print all of my 4x6s at Mpix. (not a sponsored post, I promise. I love their pricing, their service, their quality their quick delivery. Basically, if Mpix were a human, they would be my best friend.)

I recently ordered 50 new prints and captured my children viewing them for the very first time, which, of course, I’m going to share with you. Everything you see here is completely authentic.

That’s how I do things.

 In an effort to practice what I preach, all September family + newborn sessions will receive a full set of 4×6 prints from their session plus the digital images. 

Enjoy the images. Feel free to tell me how cute my children are…


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Tabitha - September 2, 2014 - 11:21 am

I actually posted about people printing pictures on FB the other day. I am a huge advocate of printing pictures and I print way to many. I keep them in photo albums and I will probably switch to photo books next year. I love looking through old photo albums and I want my daughters and their future children to have photos albums to look at.

Nancy - September 2, 2014 - 11:38 am

One million and two yesses. Throw in a project life album or two and that’s another million yesses.

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